China Academy of Building Research
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The CABR possesses the laborotaries related to:
   Building environment and energy efficiency
Sound insulation of wall, floor slab, window and door, vibration, duct silencer, reverberation and sound absorption, acoustical model, photometry, chrominance, window daylighting performance, thermal insulation of large building elements, thermophysical performance of building materials, humidity, dynamic wind pressure on door and window, thermal Insulation of door and window, weather resistance performance of external thermal insulation materials for external walls, airtightness, watertightness and dynamic wind pressure of large curtain wall
Multi-functional cleaning technology, isolation technology for isolation ward, performance of hydraulic balancing equipment, air quality, performance of heating radiator, refrigeration equipment performance, performance of air treatment equipment, air cleaning device and air conditioning heat pump, performance of solar water heater and solar energy collector
   Engineering disaster prevention and mitigation
Large seismic simulation shaking table, pseudo static test with reaction wall and strong floor,fire resistance of buinding structures, fire resistance of buinding materials, testing on building fire protection system,wind tunnel
   Engineering structure
Building structures and elements, fatigue test of structural elements, durability of building structures, building structure model, prestressing technology, non-destructive testing for structural concrete, material mechanics, dynamic performance of structures, mechanical performance of anchors
   Soil & foundation
Geotechnical engineering, dynamic and static triaxial tests, indoor model, vibration, in-situ testing
   Construction machinery
Elevator, building machinery, testing on steel pipe scaffolding and coupler
   Building Materials
Building material, mechanical performance, durability and long-term performance of concrete

Large seismic simulation shaking table laboratory
5 meters×11 meters testing facilities for four sorts of performance of curtain wall
Lab of composite air conditioning units and refrigeration eqiupment
Vertical structural element furance for fire resistance performance
Large scale structure laboratory
Indoor model laboratory

Steel pipe scaffold and coupler testing laboratory
Mechanical performance laboratory
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